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Custom software development

We build and deliver technology to maximize value at every step of your roadmap.

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De-risk delivery

Each of our engineers is selected through a highly competitive recruitment process and our software delivery culture of excellence is second to none.

Set ambitious goals for how software can unlock value for your organization and work with HTD to bring your vision to life

  • Healthcare is transforming now. HTD technology teams enable your product and technology organization to ship high quality systems more quickly and reliably.

  • Our engineering teams have expert capabilities in every modern software language and framework including:

    • JavaScript
    • Ruby
    • Kotlin
    • Python
    • C#
    • Swift
    • Go

The healthcare technology ecosystem is transforming rapidly

HTD helped create this ecosystem so we know it better than anyone else. When you work with our technologists, you get access to our deep knowledge (and network!) of this rapidly evolving space including:

  • Incorporating next-generation medical devices and digital therapeutics into your tech-enabled care Learn more about SaMD
  • Enterprise cloud implementations across all of the public cloud providers and all healthcare-specific compliant platform as a service providers
  • Leveraging third-party services such as video streaming, electronic prescription, lab ordering and resulting, and other clinical service layers
  • Deep relationships with all HTD SaaS Partners who provide valuable services for digital health companies

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next up: organizational intelligence

Enabling organizational intelligence

We help large and small health enterprises structure and derive organizational intelligence from existing data sources through cloud data infrastructure, data structuring, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

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