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Menopause: The DTC digital health

How entrepreneurs are innovating for the long overlooked life stage affecting nearly 1 billion consumers

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 •  6 min read  •  Research

Tackling the gender gap in health research and education

How femtech companies are educating their users and moving the medical research field forward

Megan Capriccio Megan Capriccio
 •  8 min read  •  Strategy

How to secure venture capital for femtech startups

Investors weigh in on how to refine, pitch, and evaluate funding partners for women's health tech

Elise Mortensen Elise Mortensen
 •  11 min read  •  Strategy

Why digital health companies are selling directly to employers

Strategic benefits of the B2B2C model and the unique opportunity for femtech

Elise Mortensen Elise Mortensen
 •  9 min read  •  Design

UX best practices from 5 femtech experts

Product professionals discuss user experience tips for women’s health tech

Elise Mortensen Elise Mortensen
 •  12 min read  •  Strategy

Next generation condition management

A new wave of "full stack" healthcare providers are taking a tech-enabled approach

Elise Mortensen Elise Mortensen
 •  5 min read  •  Development

No code, low code, or… code?

How to weigh cost, function, and compliance when building digital healthcare products

Zach Markin Zach Markin
 •  6 min read  •  Research

4 trends shaping women’s health tech in 2020

Entrepreneurs reflect on 4 big trends in femtech: holistic healthcare, personalization, devices, and the move away from a niche industry

Elise Mortensen Elise Mortensen
 •  13 min read  •  Research

The rise of gamified healthcare

Learn how gamification can increase patient motivation and improve outcomes in healthcare

Elise Mortensen Elise Mortensen
 •  6 min read  •  Strategy

Reinventing the patient journey

A process for digital transformation in primary care

Elise Mortensen Elise Mortensen
 •  5 min read  •  Research

Femtech by the numbers

The rise of innovation in women’s health technology

Elise Mortensen Elise Mortensen