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Imagine, design & build a healthier world

HTD is on a mission to create a more human-centric, accessible, and productive healthcare system.

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Driving healthcare technology innovation since 2016

Digital health solutions with people in mind

Technology shouldn’t stand between people. It should empower people to provide and receive more excellent care.

HTD creates high-quality tools and products that support and extend the human potential in care delivery and improve the patient experience.
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we have shipped over 200 projects in virtual care, health enterprise, medical device software, and SaaS for healthcare
  • 200+ Employees
  • 118 Developers
  • 20 Designers
  • 15 Product Owners
  • 4 Cities
  • 190+ Projects Delivered
  • Improve process efficiencies and free up provider time for what matters most: serving patients
  • Support clinical teams across condition areas through intuitive custom healthcare solutions
  • Create new channels for communication between providers and patients
  • Help patients better understand and manage their own health to drive engagement and foster behavior change
  • Improve health outcomes and re-build trust within the healthcare system


Meet HTD’s Advisors

Dr. Eric Rackow

Dr. Eric Rackow is an esteemed clinical advisor for HTD. His impressive career spans leadership roles at NYU Hospitals Center, Humana at Home, and now eFamilyCare. Dr. Rackow is focused on improving care quality through clinical excellence and thoughtful use of digital technology.

HTD partners with preferred SaaS solution providers in the digital health ecosystem



Meet HTD's Founders

Zach Markin

Zach co-founded HTD and now serves as CEO, overseeing company vision, business development in key areas of digital health, and technology consulting for enterprise clients. Prior to HTD he studied chemical engineering and worked as a software engineer in the consumer tech sector.

Zachary Markin
Wojciech Zywno
Maciej Zywno

Company culture

HTD prioritizes a culture of collaboration, support, and professional development

With offices in New York City, Nashville, Warsaw, and Łódź

We focus not only on growing knowledge and expertise within our team, but also supporting and contributing to the broader healthcare technology ecosystem through events, partnerships, and mentorship

Ready to transform healthcare?

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