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HTD has worked with several venture studios and investment partners to create new businesses within the healthcare sector.

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Advising and building high-value digital health companies

HTD serves as a dedicated technology partner for digital health incubators, accelerators, venture firms and investment funds. We support custom technology strategy, design, and implementation for new digital health businesses—whether virtual care, patient services, or SaaS solutions.

Our team supports the entire business lifecycle:

  • Working with early-stage teams to develop a product vision and technology roadmap

  • Vetting and selecting third-party tools to enable key features while maintaining cost efficiency

  • Leading UX research and design thinking workshops to help teams focus in on product specifications and user requirements

  • Product UX/UI design to demonstrate product function and unlock additional investment

  • Development and integration with third-party systems to support MVP and subsequent product launches

Technical expertise to bring a new product to market

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Supporting new digital health ventures

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Custom technology for new healthcare businesses

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