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SMART on FHIR explained

A guide to the benefits and risks of using the SMART on FHIR framework to integrate with EHRs

Zach Markin

• 8 min read

What is SMART on FHIR?

SMART on FHIR is an industry-standard protocol supporting the integration of software applications created by third-parties to be distributed via electronic health record (EHR) instances.

Many people have heard about the SMART on FHIR ecosystem as a method for integrating with EHRs but still wonder how it is similar to or different from existing integration methods and how to understand the primary benefits and drawbacks of SMART on FHIR.

Here we intend to answer some basic questions about the SMART on FHIR ecosystem and provide enough information for you to make good decisions about whether or not SMART on FHIR is the right direction to take your product.

This guide is intended for virtual care executives and product leaders who are looking to integrate their virtual health solution with electronic health records (EHRs) and who are evaluating whether or not it makes sense to use the SMART on FHIR framework to do so. Inside you’ll find: 

  • Background of the SMART on FHIR ecosystem
  • The technical foundations of SMART on FHIR and how it functions
  • The process of building and publishing a SMART on FHIR application
  • Benefits of using SMART on FHIR
  • Drawbacks and risks of using SMART on FHIR
  • Commercial considerations with SMART on FHIR

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