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Why digital health companies sell to employers? – Whitepaper

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Oct 26, 2022

11 min read

What you’ll learn

Based on interviews with digital health founders and industry experts, this whitepaper explores the strategic benefits of the B2B2C model. For employers, digital health tools and services help maintain a healthy, balanced, and productive work culture. For digital health companies, selling to employers unlocks three key value areas:

  1. Once a first partnership has been established, digital health platforms instantly gain access to a new pool of users.
  2. Employers are typically more open to innovation and do not require as much data or long-term validation as commercial payer clients.
  3. Working within a company provides an excellent use case to iterate on a product and prove effectiveness for more significant enterprise deals.

We also explore the unique value proposition for women’s health technology companies through case studies from Caia and Hela Health and the impact these health solutions hope to have on retention and employee satisfaction.

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