What is our workflow?

No two projects are the same. Each step of our digital transformation workflow is tailored to our partners’ unique needs and objectives.

HTD Advisory

Product Strategy

Value creation in healthcare requires active industry involvement, reimbursement competency, and monitoring where the investment appetite lies.

Technical Due Diligence

Considering an acquisition in digital health, clinical software, or software as medical device? Technical due diligence can facilitate advantage in purchasing negotiations. We reduce acquisition risk by evaluating technical risks in product maintainability, security, or scalability. HTD Advisory provides fixed quotes for necessary enhancements and ongoing support before you buy.

Timeline & Budget

Healthcare technology and the adoption of technology in the healthcare system is unlike most industries. There are many hidden costs that can only be truly understood through experience.
With multiple healthcare projects under our belt, our ability to set realistic expectations is one of the reasons why our partners choose HTD.


Competitive Market Analysis

User Adoption Risk Mitigation

Technical Compliance Analysis

Objective Pricing and Timelines

Mobile App Development

Sober Grid

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Mobile App Development


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Mobile App Developement

Crisis Care

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UI/UX Design & Development


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Human Centered Design

User Research

In order to design human-centered technology, the team must first understand the unique needs, challenges, and goals of its users. We conduct user research—such as interviews, diary studies, focus groups, and field research—to inform product scope and direction.

User Experience

Building on research insights, our UX designers consider the social and economic factors that influence human choice in order to create experiences that prioritize usability, user adoption, and engagement over time.

User Interface

Our team of UX/UI designers are experienced at anticipating user needs at each digital touchpoint. We design elements that are clear and accessible so users never have to think twice.


Clean, consistent, and recognizable branding is a key to marketing success. Our expert designers produce all brand collateral required to create a delightful and memorable brand experience.


Complete Branding

Complex UX Audit

Low-Fidelity Mock-Ups

High-Fidelity, Interactive Prototypes

Software and Digital Infrastructure

Web and Mobile Development

From clinical decision support systems to consumer health products, your business depends on custom web and mobile applications. We can complement an existing technical team or form your entire engineering organization.

Data Warehousing

Your software systems were built to solve business problems. This means unlocking value through analytical insights can be a challenge. We can help you centralize data stored in remote systems, extract it from legacy applications, normalize it to a consistent form, and structure it for analysis.

Reporting and Predictive Analytics

We can uncover actionable insights that reduce costs, support business intelligence, prevent complications, identify outliers, and many more.


New Product Development

Engineering Team Augmentation

Feature Delivery

API Development

HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA Compliance

Creating a HIPAA compliant digital application is not just about the software but how external threats can penetrate anyone or anything involved in company operations. Physical, technical, documentation, and administrative policies are never idle and require consistent maintenance.

HTD Compliance

We are committed to ensuring the confidentiality, privacy, and integrity of all electronic protected health information (ePHI) we receive, maintain, process and/or transmit on behalf of our customers.

Built-in Compliance

Evaluation of integrated applications, technologies, vendors, and third-party hosting solutions is core to establishing a concrete compliant foundation and can be mapped directly to HIPAA regulations.

Day 1: Operational Compliance for HTD Customers

By engaging with us from day one to design and build your compliant software, we implement a “Compliant Organization & Application Deployment Plan” during the build phase.

Your customers and investors will require it from day one:

Compliance Documentation

Third Party Audit

Experience Signing BAA’s

Working with Hospitals