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UX best practices from 5 femtech experts

Product professionals discuss user experience tips for women’s health tech

Elise Mortensen

• 9 min read

With the rapid growth of the women’s health tech or “femtech” market, an increasing number of entrepreneurs and medical professionals are trying their hand at developing digital health products that provide solutions for unique needs of women or nonbinary users. In a broader healthcare ecosystem where digital transformation has been relatively slow, digital product teams at many of these companies are working at the cutting edge of digital health UX to deliver a positive experience for each user.

User Experience or “UX” is itself a relatively new field guided by the principle of usability—how to build digital interfaces and experiences that users understand and enjoy. While there are tenets thought to universally contribute to “good user experience” described by groups like Nielsen Norman Group, the nuance of how digital products reach and respond to their users varies dramatically across industries and audiences. We spoke with five digital product professionals to learn more about the UX principles that have guided successful product development in the women’s health tech space.

  • Chelsey Delaney is a Design Lead at IBM where she consults for blockchain service and software design for major government, health care, and retail industries. Prior to IBM, she spent several years as Director of Digital User Experience at Planned Parenthood Federation of America and led UX for Power to Decide.
  • Dr. Sophia Stodieck started her career as a published neuroscientist and hands-on researcher before transitioning to the startup healthcare world. She now leads UX/UI Design at The Flex Company, which offers a novel FLEX disc period product.
  • Alyssa Nasca directs the UX team at Thinx Inc., which offers Thinx period underwear and Speax underwear for bladder leaks. She previously worked with Delaney as User Experience Manager at Planned Parenthood Federation for America.
  • Megan Capriccio is an entrepreneur, product manager, and consultant. As the Director of FemTech Consulting and the Sydney Ambassador of the Femtech Collective, she serves as strategic advisor for several Australian femtech companies. She is also an advisory board me